Dhirendra Tomar Physics classes has work culture revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. We believe that only studying books cannot satisfy the needs of growing students. Therefore at every point we try to impart as many values as possible so that students become better individuals along with scoring good marks. We have better Interaction with parents & students to improve their performance.

Courses Offered

11 th physics

12 th physics

Engineering Entrance

Medical Entrance

He Scored 99/100 in physics in class 12th in 2016

Chinmay Jain

He Scored 98/100 in class 12th Exam

Yatendra Dhakad

She Scored 95/100 in class 12th CBSE BOARD EXAM in Year 2019

Goldy Bijrauniya

She Scored 95/100 in class 12th CBSE Board Exam 2017

Akarshi Arora

She is ICSE Board Exam Topper in Class 12th in 2017

Supreet Baal

He Scored 94/100 in 12th CBSE 2018

Anurag Gupta

She Scored 94/100 in 12th CBSE Board Exam 2018

Priyanka Gupta