Why Dhirendra Tomar Classes?

Physics Fundamental Classes was started 20 years ago with the aim of making physics more interesting, innovative and appealing as a subject, rather than a burden.

Over the year we have been counselling students for clearing doubts and queries regarding CBSE /MPBoard and Entrance Exam (JEE-MAIN/NEET) and guiding them in every possible way by the guiendese of Dhirender Tomar Sir.

This has led us to understand better the area of anxiety among students. So our aim not only revolves around teaching Physics but also includes counselling, motivation and helping in overall development of the child as a students as well as an individual.

The immense love and respect that we have received from students over time keeps on motivating us in return to go beyond the conventional methods of teaching and formulate new and creative ideas to make our institution a hallmark of quality based education.

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